Crane Hire in Sydney

Franna Cranes
  • » Franna Cranes are ideal for a range of smaller jobs around building sites, factory moves or wherever you need loads moved distances.
  • » Designed for Pick and Carry, they are often the crane for moving building materials around sites and complex factory moves.
  • » WCTS was the first NSW based operator to use Franna Cranes over 25 years ago, and remain your local Franna specialist.
25t Tuck Cranes
The Kato Truck Crane offers greater flexibility where space is not a problem

The Truck Crane is a conventional design and ideal for flatter sites. Configured with an ‘underslung’ fly jib which is easier to deploy if needed, they are ideal for general lifting and...
City Rough Terrain
  • City Cranes are small slewing cranes idea for getting into sites where space is limited, often saving the cost of council permits and problems with neighbours.

    WCTS was first to introduce City Cranes to the North Shore and Northern Beaches – we have lots of trees, hills and wires!
All Terrain 35-130t
  • With the latest German technology we can provide the right large capacity crane for your needs. These are ideal for projects ranging from Pools and Spas and Trees through to large construction projects.
  • Warringah Cranes and Transport owns and operates the biggest cranes located on Sydney’s North Shore or Northern Beaches and can supply even the biggest cranes to solve your problems
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