Storage and Warehousing

WCTS offers a full range of storage and warehousing from small pallet based stock, through oversized goods right up to boats and 40ft shipping containers Our warehouse is manned with qualified staff to receive and dispatch your goods whether they are small parcels, pallets of goods, or shipping containers. We offer anunpack service so you can have us collect your containers from the wharves, unpack them and return the empty containers, then deliver the goods to you as and when you need them. We can also store the goods for you, or ship them out using other carriers

  • Container Storage
  • WCTS operates the only Container Storage Facility on Sydney’s North Shore or Northern Beaches. This means you stock is local, secure, and can be available to you at short notice – You deal with the people doing the storage and the transport (unlike other transport companies who have to rely on third party yards)
  • Container Rental
  • WCTS offers a range of 20ft and 40ft containers available for rental – either on your site or ours.
    These offer additional flexibility for local businesses who either need that little bit of extra storage or small businesses starting out and not wanting to rent a factory unit they have to man all the time. Renting your own container means you can control your own storage area and our customers use the space for many things from small units of stock through to longer term storage of rarely used specialised equipment.
  • Pallet Storage
  • With flexible storage options, WCTS is the ideal managed local storage facility for your goods.
  • With full time Receive and Dispatch (R&D) storeman, we handle all you shipping needs saving you staff costs and worries
  • We offer storage for businesses which are too small to afford a full time warehouse, to larger companies who need someone to handleoverflow storage or store items that are bulky and slow moving

Oversize Storage

WCTS also offers flexible storage areas when your goods just ‘don’t fit’
We have stored just about everything from spas and hot tubs through boat right up to large industrial machines.

Bookings and Operations
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